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An association of international childrens yoga teachers


DENMARK - Lilleyogahus - Emmamaria Vincentz

Who are you? Emmamaria - living by the sea in Copenhagen/Denmark with my husbond, mother of 3 wonderful yogis, 2 bonus children & our cat Shiva..Together with my husbond we created and own the company "Little YogaHouse", which over time hopefully will become a physical place.Until now we use our own house as a symbol for the company, and figuratively speaking. My ancestors were Italian and they have surely marked their influence in my personality, as I am known for using arms and legs when I talk:-)

How did you start doing yoga? In my early 20´ies - when everything else I tried did not work:-) I overheard a colleague talking about how lovely it was, and you were allowed to fall asleep! Nice. So I took a 10 lesson course with the most original yogaplace in Denmark. I remember laughing my eyes out when the first time we had to roar like a lion. So embarrasing, since everyone else seemed so serious. From then on - yoga kept creeping under my skin till I finally surrendered, and in my 30 ies finally took my yoga teacher training for 2,5 years. This was merely basic, but from then on "I lived yoga".. With every breath

Why did you start to teach childrens yoga? My interest in teaching childrens yoga, started with my first pregnancy and during my adult yoga teacher training. When my son Alexander was born with Downs Syndrom, lightning struck in several ways. I received a book written by Sonia Sumar about yoga for the special child, and I just knew deep within it was my dharma to work with yoga and children and children with special needs. I started taking trainings abroad - wanting to deepen my knowledge within this field, eager to learn the best. I always loved to play and act "silly". In childrens yoga, I get to do all that and more. There is no bigger reward than to open the magical door to the world of yoga for them, seeing their inner light shine and watch them grow for each time overcoming challenges set for them. Teaching yoga to children makes me happy and I am grateful to be able to do what I love and am best at.

What is your favorite pose? I love Sirshasanas, because it is challenging, but still accessable and is the king of the asanas. It can give you another outlook and perspective of things - and so to speak turn the world upside down, making it look bright again:-)

Other interest then yoga: I love being with my children, family and friends, read (about yoga) to cook raw food and vedic food, I am very into eco consciousness, love to travel all over the world. I do rollerskating, loves to juggle and play, and is currently into slacklining.

Teachers you admire: My mentors and gurus Sivakami and Jo Manuel from the Special Child, Satyananda Saraswati, Shiva Rea, my teachers from Circus yoga Erin & Kevin & all my beautiful students & yoga colleaques around the world-

One word to describe yoga for children: Empowering

Favorite music: Steve Gold - Mc yogi - Nick&Jay - Michael Jackson, Kira Willey for kids and Kaj & Andrea for kids (last one is only Danish)

FRANCE, Yogamini - Ulrika Dezé

Who are you? Ulrika Dezé, I am french swedish and live in Paris, i am a childrens books writer and a trained yoga and mindfulness teacher specialised in childrens yoga, i founded Yogamini Paris a program for children in hospitals, schools and museums.

How did you start doing yoga??? I began practicing yoga at the age of sixteen, but since early childhood I was brought up with the presence of yoga at home. (my mother was practicing yoga during and after her pregnancy). It helped me considerably through all my studies at university and with music as well as in my life in general.

Why did you choose to teach childrens yoga? The profound healing effects of yoga have drawn me to go deeper into the practice and share its benefits with kids and their families, I am specially passionate about providing tools for schools as i studied a masters degree in Education and am passionate about research in that field. I am currently doing a phd at the university of Geneva. I wish to promote health and wellbeing by making yoga and mindfulness accessible to everyone, in spite of age or physical ability.

Teachers you admire: Sri T. Krishnamacharya, his son: T. K Sribhashyam, Sandra Flamand, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Thich Nhat Hanh

What is your favorite pose: Balasana - child pose

Interests other than yoga: Family&friends, love, piano, filosofy, travel to the mediteranean sea and the Himalayas, art and design, jazz

One word to describe childrens yoga: Joy and Rest

Favorite Music: Mc Coy Tyner, Bill Evans, Elvin Jones, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Aldo Ciccolini, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Ravi Shankar

GERMANY, YogaKinder - Susanne Eichinger

Who are you? Susanne Eichinger ? a wife, mother and yoga teacher living in Munich Germany .After some years in Hawaii and later travelling the world for a US Airline I enjoy being part of the Munich yoga community.

How did you start doing yoga? 1995 I experienced my first Jivamukti Yoga class in NYC and fell in love with yoga ? and the way it makes me feel alive.

Why did you choose to teach childrens yoga? I wanted to share the wonderful effects of yoga with the kids in my life. Once I
started teaching kids yoga ? I realized I get to have just as much fun doing kids yoga as the kids I?m teaching.

What is your favourite pose? Most poses are my favourite pose? but Shavasana is probably my top favourite.

Other interest then yoga: Anything outdoors: biking, hiking, swimming as well as making things, like jewellery etc.

Teachers you admire: There are many, but Shiva Rea is definitely one of them

One word to describe childrens yoga: Fun!

Favorite Music: Michael Franti, Kirtan music in all forms, African drums, Blues?.

 UNITED KINGDOM - Yogabeez, Children's Yoga - Bryony Duckitt

Who are you? Bryony Duckitt - I live in London and am the Founder and Trainer of YogaBeez, Children's Yoga. I was born in South Africa but moved to the UK in 1996 - England is home but I'll always cherish my African roots!

How did you start doing yoga? I started practicing my own yoga in 1998 whilst working as a Montessori Teacher. In 2007 I decided to merge my two great passions - yoga and children - and started taking various Children's Yoga courses to train as a teacher.

Why did you choose to teach childrens yoga? I have taught children for 17 years and after incorporating various yoga poses, mindfulness and relaxation into my classroom I noticed the wonderful benefits they were having. Children are the makers of man - our future and I think if we can teach them to be aware of their breath, their bodies and help to stimulate them in all areas of development from a young age then this is a great foundation to give them. I also chose this as my career as every day is unique, every day I laugh and everyday I learn - children are wonderful teachers!

What is your favorite pose? Oooh, hard to just choose one - I love the crow, pigeon and the moon salutation!

Other interest then yoga: My friends and my family are my greatest interest - they keep me busy and happy. I love to travel, take photos, fly kites, swim in the ocean, dance, cook and watch movies. Montessori is a great passion of mine.

Teachers you admire: I consider myself blessed and grateful to have trained and practiced with some incredible teachers - Judith Lasater, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh, Rod Stryker and Marsha Wennig. My practice started in the Sivananda tradition and its where I seem to keep returning. My greatest teachers however are most definitely the children.

One word to describe childrens yoga: Magic!

Favorite Music: Again so much - its hard to name only one. I love Deva Premal, Nina Simone, Jose Feliciano, Neil Young and Edith Piaf to name but a few and Kira Willey does some great yoga songs for children.